Since 1982 PT. GEOSERVICES has become services company in Indonesia providing in the Geophysical Logging services. We are operating the digital computerized logging equipment by using the telemetric techniques for data transmission. The system is designed to be applied in any various condition and equipped with notebook computer for data acquisition and processing.

We are able to provide the Geophysical Logging services including for:

  • Coal, CBM, petroleum, groundwater exploration
  • Geotechnical investigation:

Our equipment has been proved in exploration activities and operated by Experienced Geophysical Logging Experts. Our teams already licensed from the Indonesian National Atomic Energy (BATAN) also by the Regulatory of Nuclear Energy Agency (BAPETEN), to handle and maintaining the radioactive sources. We always renewing license/permit for film badge (TLD badge) every 3 months and annually for 3 radioactive sources. We also equipped with the new Geophysical Logging equipment from Robertson Geologging, with the service and maintenance always be ensured by qualified employee in our workshop. Our equipment consists of:

  • Gamma Dual Density Caliper (GDDC) Probe
  • Electric (SP-R) Probe
  • Electric Logging Probe (ELOG)
  • Neutron Probe
  • Full-waveform Sonic Probe
  • Three-arm Caliper Probe
  • Tripod & Hang Pulley
  • RG Data Logger (Micrologger II)
  • Radioactive Source 50 mCi Caesium 137
  • Radioactive Source 100 mCi Caesium 137
  • Radioactive Source 2,5 Ci Am-241-Be
  • Winch 150 m, 300 m & 1500 m
  • Portable Generator

The generated data can be quickly served into the Logging Data Standar Formats, with the parameters consists of:

  • Gamma
  • Caliper
  • Temperature
  • Long Spaced Density
  • High Res Density
  • Bed Res Density
  • Borehole Diameter
  • Porosity
  • Self Potential
  • Single Point Resistance
  • Resistivity

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