PT GEOSERVICES has drilling experience in many regions in Indonesia, especially for coal and mineral exploration. We are equipped with the drilling equipment that are able to be operated in any field condition.

After several decades we are growing rapidly and at present become one of the leading drilling companies in Indonesia. We are applying and develop various methods of drilling methods including open hole, cutting, touch-coring, and full-coring using a variety of pipe size core diameter.

Our commitment on carrying out the drilling services by promoting quality and speed of drilling penetration under our solid teamwork, which is consistent to health and safety operation in the field.

Our drilling services are including for:

  • Coal & mineral exploration
  • Cement raw materials exploration
  • Water-well
  • Geotechnic
  • Stratigraphy
  • Environmental

Our Drilling Team equipped with the following equipment:

  • 2 (two) GSD-400 drilling rig
  • 4 (four) GSD-200 drilling rig
  • 4 (four) GSD-175 drilling rig
  • 2 (two) GSD-150 drilling rig
  • 2 (two) GSD-100 drilling rig
  • 2 (two) Power rig
  • 2 (two) Banka drilling rig
  • 13 (thirteen) Spindle type drilling rig
  • Various pipe size core diameter such as LTK, AW, BQ, NQ, HQ & PQ

Drilling Experience

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