The Seismic Archiving and Pre-processing Division (SAPD) of PT GEOSERVICES is the premier magnetic media services provider to the oil and gas exploration industry. It has had a superior industry track record ever since its founding in Jakarta. SAPD was the second geophysical seismic data tape archiving project in the entire world and the first in Indonesia. This division has naturally maintained its lead over all other competitors and enjoys a very satisfied client base who can rely on consistently excellent performance from our highly skilled team of professionals. SAPD has state-of-the-art specialized transcription software that provides a comprehensive range of services, including an advanced quality control procedure that facilitates the output of data either to a display screen or as Tiff images burned onto a CD. These advances enable highly efficient monitoring of a project’s progress because large data sets (such as 3D surveys) can easily be archived.


  1. Demultiplexing 9 track
  2. Correlation
  3. Shot record or SEG Y display
  4. Record range selection or line truncation


  1. 9 Track half-inch
  2. All formats (SEG, A, B, C, D, X, Y, Well Log)
  3. All densities (800, 1600, 3200, 6250 BPI)
  4. SEG D copied bit to bit or reformatted to SEG Y
  5. 3480 cartridges
  6. 3590 cartridges
  7. All data demultiplexed to SEG Y


  1. 9 Track
  2. DAT (4mm cartridge)
  3. Exabyte (8mm cartridge)
  4. 3480 cartridges
  5. 3590 cartridges
  6. 3490 (E) cartridges
  7. DLT cartridge (10/20/35/40 GB native)
  8. SDLT cartridges (110/220 GB native)
  9. LTO3 cartridges (400/800 GB native)
  10. CD (SEG-Y or quality control plot files)
  11. VHS (Metrum cartridge 18 GB)

Troubleshooting of problem tapes Recovery of data from deteriorating tapes (e.g., sticky tapes)
Conversion of internal processing center’s final tapes to SEG Y (e.g., Western IV, Petty Ray, Hosking, Digicon, TIMAP)
Quality control of demultiplexed data, with NTG or shot record Tiff images output to CD