PT. GEOSERVICES has been providing seismic scanning services to the oil industry since 1988. This division provides professional services for the transcription of original seismic sections back onto Exabyte tape or CD in standard SEG-Y format. We have expanded our services to include the scanning of any data (maps, engineering drawings, reports, etc.) that needs to be archived in digital form and stored. Different media are available, depending on the client’s preference.


The Redeem Scanning system transcribes trace information from seismic sections back into digital standard SEG-Y format, which can then be loaded onto your workstation for additional processing or interpretation. This capability permits the full utilization of the very large quantities of sections held in company archives, for which there are no original tapes. The paper seismic sections are first scanned at high resolution. Next, using highly sophisticated pattern recognition software, the individual traces are reconstructed. A quality check plot is made at the same scale as the original section and the traces are then output as a SEG-Y format. This same process is used for the digitizing of shotpoint  location maps to generate navigation data. This navigation data is then inserted in the corresponding seismic trace headers for archiving. The Redeem Scanning algorithms permit a near perfect reconstruction of the original trace waveforms and do not further band-limit the frequency content of the original section. The faithfulness of the reproduction permits the confident use of deconvolution (or other forms of wavelet processing) on the traces that are output via this system. PT GEOSERVICES also can vectorize seismic data and digitize seismic and cultural shotpoint location maps. We have extensive experience providing these services to multinational oil companies in Indonesia and the surrounding region. In 1997, for example, a multinational oil company operating in the Philippines appointed four companies to scan and archive its huge inventory of printed seismic data. Each of these companies worked on a portion of the total collection. PT GEOSERVICES (the only Indonesian-based bidder) finished its share in only one month. This was so far ahead of the allotted six months that the client gladly decided to let us complete the entire project.



It is always wise to have a backup copy of all of your data in case of theft, fire, flood, or other disaster. We can scan and archive everything that is currently stored on paper or film, producing Exabyte tape, CD, or Zip copies in digital format for your safe keeping. The sections are scanned at high resolution (up to 800 DPI), using a Contex FSS 8300 full scale scanner. Output can be in any of 42 different formats, including such Autocad compatible formats as DXF, DXB, TIFF, and BMP. As a result, you will be able to access your data quickly and efficiently, and also reduce or eliminate the need for expensive storage space. No more searching through rows of storage racks for your data it will be at your fingertips with the press of a button! In addition to maps and engineering drawings, you can also store many office documents such as reports and correspondence.

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