GeoAssay Mineral Laboratory provides industry standard sample preparation and analysis for geological and mining samples ie. rocks, soils, drill core, mineral concentrates, industrial minerals and metals

Sample Preparation

  • The purpose of sample preparation is to produce a homogeneous analytical sub-sample that is fully representative of the material submitted to the laboratory
  • The laboratory through the use of a variety of preparation equipment is able to provide a preparation scheme to suit any clients requirements
  • Sample types : soils, rocks, drill core, mineral concentrates, industrial minerals

Precious Metal Determinations – Fire Assay

  • The fire assay procedure is the industry standard for laboratories. The sample is fused with a suitable flux containing lead oxide and silver in a fusion furnace at approximately 1100°c. The lead oxide is reduced to lead which collects the precious metals
  • The slag is removed and the lead button are cupelled to remove the lead and concentrate the precious metals. The resultant prill is digested in aqua regia, made up to volume and read for Au, Pt and Pd by AAS / ICP

Base Metal Digests/Fusions

  • Digests methods range from acid soluble digests using aqua regia to near “total acid digests” that are suitable for ore grade determinations
  • Fusion packages include peroxide and borate fusions for total element determinations
  • Elements from digests are determined by AAS or ICPOES

XRF Fusions/Pressed Powder

XRF Fusion samples are fused in a high temperature fusion furnace in platinum crucibles
Pressed powder pellets with wax binder are prepared using a 40 ton press

ICPOES – Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometer ICPOES

  • ICP-OES is a fast multi-element technique with a dynamic linear range and moderate-low detection limits
  • Applicable to a wide range of elements from trace to ore grade digests and fusion schemes

AAS – Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

  • Atomic absorption Spectroscopy is a common and well-established technique for detecting metals and metalloids
  • Applicable to range of analysis of trace elements. Ore grade determinations by dilution.

X-RAY Flourescence Spectometry

  • Base metal low level – pressed powder
  • Mineral Concentrate Packages – iron, manganese, chrome, tin, mineral sands
  • Industrial Minerals Packages – Nickel, bauxite, limestone, cement products

Sulfur and Carbon Analysis

High temperature Infrared determination of sulfur and carbon in samples

Ark Spark Optical Emission Spectometer (OES)

Analysis of elements in metal products from mining and manufacturing industries

Acid Mine Drainage

  • Static Tests – pH/EC, AND, NAG, NAPP, Total Sulfur/Carbon, Mineralogy XRF/XRD

Micellaneous Services

  • Gold Bullion Superintending at Logam Mulia Dore – Gold / Silver / Base Metal Content
  • BLEG Cyanide bottle rolls on stream sediments Fertilizer Analysis
  • Ore Grade Determinations of concentrates Coal Analysis – Major and Trace Elements
  • Mine Site and Exploration Laboratory Equipment and Management