PT. GEOSERVICES has gained a solid base of expertise covering all aspects
of the exploration and development of Indonesia’s oil, gas, mineral and
geothermal industries. The Geological & Laboratory Services Division
business streams covering :

  • Biostratigraphic Analysis
  • Geochemistry Analysis
  • Rock Description & Sedimentology
  • Core Analysis
  • PVT Analysis

PT. GEOSERVICES internationally known for expertise and reliability in
all areas of its activities. The growth of the company’s size and reputation
has been rooted in the excellence of its employees. The foundation for
this excellence is a long-term commitment to the development of skills
and knowledge, including offshore training of local employees and
interaction with expatriate consultants who relocate to Indonesia for
varying periods of time.

To facilitate technology transfer PT. GEOSERVICES enters into
Joint Venture or Technical Assistance agreements with foreign-based
companies that are recognized as leaders in their respective fields.
The combination of experienced personnel, modern instrumentation,
extensive staff training and strict quality control procedures has gained
PT. GEOSERVICES worldwide acceptance. Dedication to maintaining
these high standards in Indonesia ensures that the company’s services
will enjoy international recognition for many years to come.

PT. GEOSERVICES has philosophy “Excellent Services with High Professional
Integrity”. The company has gained a high reputation among major
miningcompanies in Indonesia, as well as overseas companies buying
Indonesian coals.