PT. GEOSERVICES has extensive long-term experience handling geological samples and associated data for the oil and gas, geothermal, and mineral industries. In Indonesia, the company has established itself as a pacesetter in sample storage.


International standard sample storage and management facilities. Main warehouses are fire protected, flood free, and have 24 hours – 7 days security surveillance. Same day pick-up and dispatch of samples, plus same day lay-out and display of cores.

Preservation and Associated Services

Resination and several other techniques for long-term preservation. Core handling services (including wellsite collection, labeling and orientation, polishing, slabbing and photography). Preparation of core slabs and sample sets for partners, trade, and government.


  1. Routinely updated sample inventory.
  2. Extendable to include database of core images, well reports, and associated data sets.
  3. Digital Inventory
  4. Inventory of well data, sample type and depths, storage location and sample movements.
  5. Routine service for all stored samples.
  6. Digital Inventory and Image archive
  7. Inventory of stored data together with photographs of cores.
  8. Digital Well Archive
  9. Inventory of stored data together with photographs and all relevant reports, logs, and associated data sets.


  1. Sunter, North Jakarta (main sample storage & handling facility)
  2. Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta (sample handling & preservation)
  3. Cikarang, East of Jakarta (supplementary storage)
  4. Balikpapan, Kalimantan (supplementary storage & preservation )


Sample storage can be combined with the value-added services of other PT. GEOSERVICES Divisions, including:

  • Geological & Laboratory Services Division
    Analytical and specialist interpretation of Core Analysis, Stratigraphy, Rock Description, Petrography, Sedimentology, and Geochemistry.

  • KESTREL Data Services Division
    Management and storage of tapes and other documents.

  • Offsite Services
    Storage management, preservation. and archiving services can be performed at the client’s facilities anywhere in the Indonesian archipelago.

Further Information

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