Exploration Division as one of the divisions at PT Geoservices, has started a fully integrated exploration services since the company was founded in 1971. We offer several services in geology, geophysics, mapping surveys, downhole measurements and borehole drilling including for:

Mineral exploration
We have been involved in exploration for various metallic minerals, such as gold, base metals, tin, nickel, aluminum, manganese and iron. These projects initially involved regional and at a later stage detailed geochemical sampling, outcrop sampling and drilling. Concurrent with these activities geological mapping on a regional as well as a detailed scale was carried out, to cover the client’s entire Contract of Work Area. At the time most areas outside Java were not yet systematically mapped.

PT GEOSERVICES well-equipped petrography laboratory provides full rock and mineral identification support to the field mapping teams and to drilling activities. The preparation of high quality thin-sections of all kind of lithology, including vacuum impregnation prior to sectioning, and the preparation of polished blocks for the study of opaque minerals and coals, is routinely carried out. Color photomicrographs of thin-sections and polished blocks can be provided

Coal exploration
PT GEOSERVICES together with ACIRL, from Australia, are capable of maturing a good coal prospect from its initial exploration stage, to delineation of quality and quantity, into a feasibility study.

We can provide the services of our own excellent and fully equipped coal-laboratory facilities in Bandung, Serang on Site, Paiton, Mojokerto on Site, Tanjung Redeb, Balikpapan, Palembang, Samarinda, Banjarbaru, Padang, and Sangatta. In addition we have access to coal testing laboratory facilities in Australia.

Petroleum exploration
Participation in various stages of hydrocarbon exploration by PT GEOSERVICES started in 1977 in Eastern Indonesia. In addition to offer the services of Indonesian geologists, from our own staff as well as those from professional associates, we are also in a position to recruit overseas specialists to meet our Clients’ requirements.

Geothermal exploration
Next in importance as an energy source to oil, gas and coal is geothermal energy. PT GEOSERVICES has participated in PERTAMINA’s geothermal exploration program from 1977 to 1996. Various studies by PERTAMINA, in which PT. GEOSERVICES participated, included specific geological and geochemical mapping and evaluation, remote sensing studies, integrated with various types of geophysical exploration, “Petrex” fingerprint studies, well-siting, non-condensables, gas & steam/hot-water monitoring, well and production testing, together with piping/valve maintenance.

Cement raw materials and other industrial mineral exploration
Demand for industrial minerals has shown tremendous yearly increases. This is especially the case for raw materials (limestone, clay and silica) for cement production, aggregate materials (mostly volcanic rock), sand, ornamental stone (marble and granite), feldspar, kaolinite, bentonite, zeolite, phosphate, various kinds of clay, etc.

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