Indonesia’s principal mining and geothermal laboratory can now dynamic occupational and environmental laboratory services.

Laboratories are strategically located in Bandung (West Java) and Balikpapan (East Kalimantan) to be of service throughout Indonesia and adjacent areas as well.


We work hard to serve you at our best quality services. To meet the highest quality, we  participate proficiency test program and comply to the international recognized standard procedure properly.

To satisfy you as customers and gain international recognition, we apply for ISO 17025 accreditation to both our environmental laboratories by National Accreditation Committee (KAN). ISO 17025 is international standard for general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.


 Microbiolgy Laboratory

  • Analysis of bacteria  in water
  • Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) in formation water.

Chemical Organic Laboratory

  • Analysis of organic materials and pesticides in water using GC MS

Analytical chemistry laboratory

  • Analysis of water quality of water wells that will be used for drinking water.
  • Analysis of the quality of bottled water.
  • Analysis of water from  Oil & Gas Industries : Formation water, water production, water injection,
  • Compatibility test a wide variety of water  at reservoir pressure & temperature.
  • Test a wide variety of water : Scaling index, Relative Plugging Index, Total Suspended Solids.
  • Water analysis of samples from Geothermal Industry
  • Industial waste water analysis
  • Analysis of Sea water, river water etc.

Laboratory of gas analysis

  • Composition Analysis of CBM gas, geothermal gas
  1. Agilents GC-MSD with tekma’s Purge & Trap
  2. Varian’s AAS with Graphite Furnace
  3. Spectrophotometers, pH-meters,Conductivity meters,Specific Ion Meters.
  4. Water Quality
  5. Environmental
  6. Air Quality
  7. Microbiological Testing
  8. Geothermal Testing
  9. Oil and Gas


Acid Mine Drainage or Acid Rock Drainage has become a major issue in mining. Acid mine drainage which occurs as a result of mining activity plays a significant role in the environmental degradation particularly when it infiltrates into water surface, water table and soil.

Prediction on the potential of acid source shall be performed at the beginning prior the commencement of mining activity so that any degradation and water contamination can be prevented.

PT Geoservices as a company which gained wide experience in serving mining industries particularly coal committed to assist you to identify potential acid source by providing analytical services. These analysis covers :

  • Acid Base Accounting
  • Net Acid Generation
  • Acid Neutralization Capacity
  • pH and Electrical Conductivity
  • Total and Pyritic Sulfur
  • Minerals analysis
  • Kinetic test


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