PT GEOSERVICES serves as an importer, distributor, and supplier of equipment and consumables to other coal laboratories in Indonesia. Equipment from manufacturers such as Carbolite (UK), Leco (USA, and Preiser (USA) can be installed, calibrated, and maintained by our engineers and technicians.

A full suite of sample preparation equipment and other laboratory equipment manufactured by PT Geoquiptama Servindo is distributed by its parent company PT GEOSERVICES. Motors and other components required to build these devices are carefully selected, with careful attention to their availability in Indonesia in order to prevent future difficulty in obtaining spare parts (a critical issue when the site is located in a remote area).

The Supply division of PT GEOSERVICES offers Geoquiptama devices such as :

  1. Crushers (12.5 x 20cm; 6 x 10cm; or 6.5 x 6.5cm)
  2. Raymond Mills
  3. Rotary Sample Dividers
  4. Diamond Core Cutters
  5. Sieves and Shakers
  6. Drying Sheds
  7. Air Samplers (dust detection)
  8. Dust Collectors (airbags)
  9. Acid Fume and Ventilation Hoods


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