PT. GEOSERVICES started its Drilling Division in 1974. After three decades of steady progress, we have become one of the leading slimhole drilling companies in Indonesia. This division has developed many kinds of drilling methods from diamond coring open hole drilling to large hole drilling. It is licensed as a drilling contractor by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas (MIGAS).


  1. Exploration drilling for minerals and coal
  2. Water well drilling
  3. Geothermal exploration drilling to obtain temperature and pressure measurements
  4. Stratigraphic drilling for oil exploration
  5. Geotechnical drilling for civil engineering work
  6. Drilling for grouting
  7. Environmental drilling


We have 22 drilling machines, with capacities ranging from 30 m to 1,000 m, including:

  1. Long Year 44/38/34
  2. Tone TAS-3E
  3. Koken EP-IW/OE-2L
  4. YBM-3C/YSO-1H
  5. JKS Winkie

We also have 27 pumps for grouting and mud/water supply, including those made by:

  1. Bean Royal
  2. FMC
  3. YBM
  4. Koken
  5. Tone
  6. Gardner Denver


  1. Welding machines
  2. Genset
  3. Compressors
  4. Centrifugal and submersible pumps
  5. BOP
  6. Accumulators
  7. Work Shop

The Drilling Division has access to the following services from other divisions of the company:

  1. Electric slim hole logging
  2. Chemical analysis of water, gas, and metals
  3. Core slabbing, preservation, and description
  4. Well site geology

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