Mineral Exploration
PT GEOSERVICES (Ltd.) has been involved in exploration for various metallic minerals, such as gold, base metals, tin, nickel, aluminum, manganese and iron, since 1971.

Our first client was Broken Hill - the Australian Government mining firm - soon followed by Aneka Tambang, Sea Land Mining, Gienco, Wall Mines, BHP, Ingold, Canarc, Dariskan, Analisa, Newmont, Dominion Gold, Riotinto, Koba Tin, Toyo Menka, Kaisha, the Teweti Group, Placer Development, Asthon Mercubuana Mining, and others.

During the gold fever days from 1972 to 1989 more companies  - Mugi Wira Pratama, Sungai Tembesi Minerals, Kota Besi Minerals, Sejahtera Mineral Indonesia, Tambang Tewah Perkasa, Berkat, Batubah Uya Mining, Beis Tambang-Ulang Mining, Natarang Mining, etc -  entrusted their reconnaissance and exploratory work to GEOSERVICES.

These projects initially involved regional and at a later stage detailed geochemical sampling, outcrop sampling and drilling. Concurrent with these activities geological mapping on a regional as well as a detailed scale, to cover the client's entire Contract Of Work area, was carried out. At the time most areas outside Java were not yet systematically mapped.

GEOSERVICES’ well equipped petrography laboratory provides full rock and mineral identification support to the field mapping teams and to drilling activities. The preparation of high quality thin-sections of all kind of lithologies, including vacuum impregnation prior to sectioning, and the preparation of polished blocks for the study of opaque minerals and coals, is routinely carried out. Colour photomicrographs of thin-sections and polished blocks can be provided.

Coal Exploration
During the boom in coal exploration we have become familiar with major coal basins in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Irian Jaya. We explored for coal on behalf of Utah Development Co./ Arutmin, Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Utah Pacific Inc., Adaro, Chung Hua Overseas Mining Development, Indexim Coalindo, Pelita Cahaya Andhika, Danau Mas Hitam, Berau Coal, Firman Ketaun, Minindo Darma Sakti, Antang Gunung Meratus, Cyprus Amax Australia Co., Kideco Jaya Agung, Mitsui Indonesia and others.

GEOSERVICES together with CIC, from Australia, are capable of maturing a good coal prospect from its initial exploration stage, to delineation of quality and quantity, into a feasibility study. We can provide the services of our own excellent and fully equipped coal-laboratory facilities in Bandung on Java, and in Samarinda, Balikpapan, Tanjung Redeb and Banjarbaru in Kalimantan; in addition we have access to coal testing laboratory facilities in Australia.

Petroleum Exploration
Participation in various stages of hydrocarbon exploration by GEOSERVICES started in 1977 in eastern Indonesia. In addition to offering the services of Indonesian geologists, from our own staff as well as those from professional associates, we are also in a position to recruit overseas specialists to meet our Clients' requirements.

Our major clients include PERTAMINA, Huffco, Conoco, Amoco, Utah, Union Texas, Repsol Exploration, British Petroleum, Amoseas, Canadian Oxy, Arco and SABA Jatiluhur.

Geothermal Exploration
Next in importance as an energy source to oil, gas, and coal, is geothermal energy. GEOSERVICES participated in Pertamina's geothermal exploration program from 1977 to 1996. Various studies by Pertamina, in which GEOSERVICES participated, included specific geological and geochemical mapping and evaluation, remote sensing studies, integrated with various types of geophysical exploration, “Petrex” fingerprint studies, well-siting, non-condensables, gas & steam/ hot-water monitoring, well and production testing, together with piping/valve maintenance.

Among the major fields we are familiar with are the Kamojang, Dieng, Darajat, Gunung Salak, Patuha, Karaha, Muara Labuh and Lahendong fields. Others fields are Lumut Balai, Tambang Sawah, Sekincau, and many others.

Cement Raw Materials and Other Industrial Mineral Exploration
Demand for industrial minerals has shown tremendous yearly increases. This is especially the case for raw materials (limestone, clay and silica) for cement production, aggregate materials (mostly volcanic rock), sand, ornamental stone (marble and granite), feldspar, kaolinite, bentonite, zeolite, phosphate, various kinds of clay, etc.

Even though most of the demand for these kinds of services is on Java, especially West Java, other parts of Indonesia have been investigated. We have provided services to clients throughout the archipelago, from Aceh (the northernmost province of Sumatra), to West Sumatra, South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, Sulawesi and West Papua.

Our major clients include Semen Cibinong, Semen Nusantara, Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa, Kodeco Cement Indonesia, Makmur Jaya , Makmur Jaya “Holderbank”/ Switzerland, Semen Grobogan, Mercu Buana, Nagari Development Corporation (NDC), Dwima Agung Semen, Semen Sulut Indah, Intan Fajar, Perkim, Broken Hill Pty., Wijaya Kusuma, Jababeka, BHP Minerals, Gajah Tunggal Group, Conbloc Indonesia, Jaya Readymix, Marble Sumbar, Pancayasa Group, Indoprima Alam Marmer, Pola Marmer Kencana, Bumindo Pratama, Bakrie Building Industries and others.

Geological Services
GEOSERVICES offers field geological mapping services covering a wide range of geological investigative surveys at various map scales, in accordance with the geology or mining exploration objectives. Field geological mapping may cover general geological data, or may extend to detail structural, stratigraphic, lithologic, and mineralogical/petrological information. The geological investigation and research start with an initial geological reconnaissance stage and extend to the most advanced stage of mineral, fuel and solid fuel resources/reserves exploration study.

Field work may include measurement of the stratigraphic section and sedimentologic features, tectonic structures, and sampling (by pitting or augering if necessary) of rocks or other material for a variety of purposes: biostratigraphy, sedimentology, hard rock and sedimentary petrography, petroleum or mineral geochemistry, geophysical properties, coal testing, geohydrology and geotechnical studies.

Geophysical Services
PT. GEOSERVICES (Ltd.) is one of the best equipped, privately-owned outfits in Indonesia. All of our geophysical equipment is owned, maintained, calibrated, and operated by GEOSERVICES, enabling the company to have full control of operations.

GEOSERVICES’ competent, tough but disciplined operators and geophysicists have been trained to become proficient professionals who understand the importance of reliable data acquisition and their confidentiality. These professionals have by now covered the entire Indonesian archipelago, in Indonesian parlance from Sabang to Merauke, under terrain conditions ranging from uninhabited volcanic tops to low coastal swamp.

In fact, even though we do not promote overseas geophysical operation, we nevertheless have conducted overseas surveys, all at the recommendation of our satisfied domestic clients (gravity survey in Tanzania, induced polarization (IP) survey in Laos, magnetic survey in Thailand, and an IP study in Malaysia). Five well-maintained LaCoste-Romberg land gravity-meters have already served a considerable number of distinguished clients in the oil, geothermal and mining industries.

The Exploration division is now operating with six Geometrics-G856 memory-magnetometers, which have an accuracy of 0.1 gamma, in conjunction with laptop computers and continuous printing G866 base station instruments. Advanced 3D-modeling using alternative software is also available. The division also operates three sets of Zonge multi-purpose geo-electric recording equipment. This equipment has been used for Induced Polarization (IP), Time Domain Induced Polarization (TDIP), Resistivity, Complex Resistivity (CR), Magneto Telluric (MT), Audio-Magneto Telluric (AMT), and Controlled Source Audio-Magneto Telluric (CSAMT) surveys.

GEOSERVICES has the experience and the capability to perform other geophysical surveys for geotechnical investigations, such as microseismic monitoring or passive seismic monitoring using a Sprengnether seismograph; Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) using Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc (GSSI) or Ramac equipment; and high resolution shallow seismic using OYO McSeis instruments. Slimhole electric logging is also one of GEOSERVICES' specialties that are provided by our logging company, PT. Primaquip.

Topographical Services
PT GEOSERVICES can also provide services in connection with Topographic Surveying and Mapping, Global Positioning System (GPS), Engineering and Mine Surveying, Digital Mapping and Production, Route Surveys for Power Transmission & Communication Lines, and Civil Survey Construction services (Pipelines, Highway and Roads).

IT / Data Processing
The IT / Data Processing division originally began as part of the Exploration division by supporting other components of Exploration, and has since become a subdivision, with its own range of services. With developing systems and equipment, IT / Data Processing brings a flexible approach to processing data, and is able to create a product to meet the client’s specifications.

Map digitizing (copying a hardcopy map into digital softcopy format) is available using Topographic Map, Geological Map and LogPlot software. Supporting hardware includes Digirule Rat portable digitizing system, several Summagraphics digitizing tables, and an HP DesignJet plotter.

The IT / Data Processing division has the capability to take field data and input it into a Geographic Information System (GIS). Supporting GIS software for this includes ER Mapper v 6.4, MapInfo v 7.5 complete with Discovery and Grid Analyzer, Autodesk Map v 5.0, Autodesk Raster Design, ArcInfo, ArcView etc. The services may also include data acquisition for GIS database in different types of database.

























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