Production Testing

Established in 1977, the Geothermal Division has participated in drilling and scientific data collection pertaining to exploration wells in the Dieng Plateau, Kamojang, and other geothermal fields in Indonesia.

The operation of subsurface instrumentation for geothermal well study began in 1978. All equipment is privately owned and operated by PT GEOSERVICES personnel. The engineers have been factory-trained by the Kuster Company (California) and the Geophysical Research Corporation (Oklahoma).

In conjunction with associated divisions, the Geothermal Division provides a complete services package, including surface study, drilling, engineering, well study, and production testing.



  • Static Formation Temperature Testing
  • Water Loss Testing
  • Injectivity Testing
  • Pressure Fall-off Testing
  • Pressure Build-up Testing
  • Pressure and Temperature Monitoring during heating-up periods
  • Pressure and Temperature Monitoring while flowing


  • Flow Rate Measurement
  • Enthalpy Measurement
  • Pressure Build-up Testing
  • Gas, Water, & Condensate
  • Water and Gas Analysis
  • Sampling (field and laboratory)

Operation of Mechanical Downhole Equipment


  • Installation
  • Cleaning and Inspection
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • Pressure Testing



To meet the most challenging demands for geothermal engineering services, this division maintains a range of reliable downhole instruments and surface facilities that are supported by a comprehensive calibration workshop:

  • Mathey hydraulic winch with stainless steel /carpenter wire up to 20,000ft(3 units)
  • Kuster subsurface pressure, temperature, sampler and flowmeter (9 units)
  • Chart Reader for pressure, temperature and flowmeter measurements (3 units)
  • Calibrations Units, Dead Weight tester, Hot air, Oil bath, and Manometer
  • H2S Monitoring System (2 units)


  • Chemical Analysis of Water and Gas
  • Exploration Services (geology, geochemistry, and geophysics)
  • Slim Hole Coring (temperature gradient)
  • Environmental Study
  • Core Slabbing and Preservation

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Founded in 1971 to offer services to the mining industry, PT Geoservices (Ltd) evolved into a fully integrated exploration services company. Employing more than 600 people, some of which are expert in specialized fields from a number of foreign countries, the company is offering in mapping surveys, geology, geophysics, downhole measurements, borehole drilling, laboratories analysis, and cargo superintending for quantity and quality.

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