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 GeoAssay Mineral Laboratory located in Cikarang has been setup to provide industry standard sample preparation and analysis for geological and mining samples i.e. rocks, soils, drill core, mineral concentrates and industrial minerals.

The laboratory is provisioned with the necessary equipment to provide analytical services as follows:

Sample Preparation

  1. The purpose of sample preparation is to produce a homogeneous analytical sub-sample that is fully representative of the material submitted to the laboratory.
  2. The laboratory through the use of a variety of preparation equipment is able to provide a preparation scheme to suit any client’s requirements.
  3. Sample types: soils, rocks, drill core, mineral concentrates, industrial minerals.
  4. Special sample preparation techniques such as Loss on Ignition is standard for all XRF Fusion test work.
  5. 40 Ton sample press is employed for XRF pressed powder sample preparation.

Precious Metal Determinations

  1. The fire assay procedure is the industry standard for laboratories. The sample is fused with a suitable flux containing lead oxide and silver in a fusion furnace at approximately 1100°c. The lead oxide is reduced to lead which collects the precious metals.
  2. The slag is removed and the lead button are cupelled to remove the lead and concentrate the precious metals. The resultant prill is digested in aqua regia, made up to volume and read for Au, Pt and Pd by AAS / ICP

Base Metal Digest/Fusions

  1. For the geochemical analysis of geological samples the laboratory offers standard digest methods for determination of gold and base metals.
  2. Digest methods range from acid soluble digests using aqua regia to near “total acid digests” that are suitable for ore grade determinations.
  3. Elements from digests are determined by AAS or ICPOES.

XRF Fusions/Pressed Powder

  1. For XRF Fusions samples are fused in a high temperature fusion furnace in platinum crucibles using special fusion flux.
  2. Pressed powder pellets are prepared using a 40 ton press.

ICPOES – Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Epectrometer

  1. ICP-OES is a fast multi-element technique with a dynamic linier range and moderate-low detection limits (~0.2-100 ppb)
  2. Applicable to a wide range of elements from trace to Ore grade digests and fusion scheme.

AAS – Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

  1. Atomic absorption Spectroscopy is a common and well established technique for detecting metals and metaloids.
  2. Applicable to range of analysis of trace elements. Ore grade determinations by dilution.

X-Ray Fluorescene Spectrometry

  1. XRF – Base metal low level – pressed powder
  2. XRF – Semi – quantitative scans up to 72 elements.
  3. XRF/XRD Mineral concentrate packages-iron, manganese, chrome, tin, mineral sands.
  4. XRF/XRD Industrial Minerals package – Nickel, bouxite, limestone, cement products.

Miscellaneous Services

  1. Acid Mine Drainage
  2. Gold Bullion Superintending
  3. Titration Methods
  4. Cyanide bottle rolls
  5. Classical ore grade element determinations
  6. Galvanizing Solutions
  7. Mine Site Sample Preparation / Laboratories
  8. Coal Analysis – Major & Trace Elements

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