Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy Statement

Statement from Durban L. Ardjo, President Director

PT Geoservices activities are executed in compliance with the existing QHSE laws and regulations. The assurance of quality; Occupational Health and Safety; as well as Environmental protection are fundamental to all works and constitute a high priority in running the company's operations.

We are fully aware that the responsibility to provide safe and healthy working activities as well as conserving the environment, are the first priority and to be integrated with other business activities.

To be able to implement it comprehensively and efficiently, PT Geoservices is committed to:

  1. Make continual improvement of QHSE Management System as directed, both in onshore and offshoreoperations.
  1. Set QHSE objectives, target and programs . Measure and monitor the performance through effective implementation of QHSE Management System.
  1. Consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers by working in a systematic manner and formalized procedures designed to eliminate the occurrence of
  1. Preventing work accidents, occupational diseases and environmental protection by performing risk assessment; controllingand monitoring the
  1. Provide appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in accordance with the needs of workers, as well as customer
  1. Improve the ability of human resources through coaching behavior and QHSE training to increase awareness of employees in risk assessment and control.
  1. Improve Internal and External Communication with the spirit of openness, responsibilities and the role of every employee in achieving QHSE
  1. Keep work sites clean to create a good environment for the health and safety of our employees

This QHSE policy will be communicated to all employees and documented, and reviewed periodically to ensure that the policy is relevant to the goals of the related parties.

Durban L. Ardjo
President Director
Bandung, 01 June 2016

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Founded in 1971 to offer services to the mining industry, PT Geoservices (Ltd) evolved into a fully integrated exploration services company. Employing more than 600 people, some of which are expert in specialized fields from a number of foreign countries, the company is offering in mapping surveys, geology, geophysics, downhole measurements, borehole drilling, laboratories analysis, and cargo superintending for quantity and quality.

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