Geological & Laboratory Services Division

Stratigraphic Service

Biostratigraphy [exploration & production phase]
Environmental & event stratigraphy
Synthesis & correlation

Geochemistry, Fluids & Environmental

Maturity analyses
Source rock evaluation
Seep & outcrop sampling
Oil & gas analyses
Source rock to oil/gas correlation
Fingerprints analysis
PVT Analysis
Water & environmental

Synthesis & Interpretation

Exploration & development phase stratigraphic correlation & sequence interpretation. Geochemical basin modeling & petroleum systems interpretation.

Rock Properties / Core Analysis

Wellsite core handling & preservation
Laboratory preservation
Gamma logging & CT scanning
Conventional & digital photography
Routine core analysis
Special core analysis
Reservoir unitization
Formation damage evaluation
Rock Mechanics

Rock Description

Lithofacies description
Mineralogy & reservoir controls [SEM, XRD, XRF & ICP]
Log to rock correlation

Synthesis & Interpretation

Reservoir & sequence characterization by integration of log, rock properties, rock description, stratigraphic & geochemical data. Sample storage & digital archiving.

Provider of services through our own laboratories & specialist personnel.
Affiliations with the best Indonesian & overseas specialists, institutions, universities
& services providers allow us to offer a comprehensive range of ‘state-of-the-art’ services.

Further Information

Address : Jl. Mesjid 17, Petukangan Utara, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12260
Phones : (021) 736 5365, (021) 736 5366, (021) 735 5980
Fax : (021) 584 656
Contact : Soenardi ( Marketing Manager )
Sani Gunawan ( Operation Manager )
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Who We Are

Founded in 1971 to offer services to the mining industry, PT Geoservices (Ltd) evolved into a fully integrated exploration services company. Employing more than 600 people, some of which are expert in specialized fields from a number of foreign countries, the company is offering in mapping surveys, geology, geophysics, downhole measurements, borehole drilling, laboratories analysis, and cargo superintending for quantity and quality.

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Our Location

Officesmall  Jl. Minangkabau Barat No.34 Jakarta Selatan 12970
Phonesmall  (+62 21) 830 5555, 831 8989
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