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IT/Data Processing section is a part of PT. GEOSERVICES to supporting the other components of Exploration Division and has been become a sub-divison with its own services. We are able to process the Geology, Topography, and Geophysic datas with the secure, reliable, and responsible results. Our section ready to process field data that has been validation and sorting become an information into the summary and report. We do a data quality control and quality assurance, also able to produce the report in bilingual (Indonesia and English). With our developing systems and equipment, has bring a flexible approach to processing data and enable to produce a product to meet the our client technical specifications and criteria.
IT/Data Processing section equipped with tools and software to support their works.



ZONGE SW is a pack of Zonge’s processing, inversion and modelling software. It capable to process Induced Polarization (IP), Complex Resistivity (CR), Controlled Source Audio Magnetotelluric (CSAMT), Audio Magneto Telluric (AMT), Magneto Telluric (MT), and Transien Electro Magnetic (TEM) observed data to true resitiviy or true chargeability from zonge instrument data. The output can be further processed to create 3D model or 2D map in common modelling software such as GEOSOFT or ENCOM.


GEOSOFT is one of the leading geophysics mapping and processing system software. It is capable of using 2D filter to process Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) map or Bouguer Gravity map generated by land or airborne measurement will help geophysicsist interpreting depth of body anomalies and their distribution.


ENCOM PROFILE ANALISYST is a software for 2D or 3D data processing and modelling from another software to data visualization for report or interpretation, volume calculation, voxel or block modelling. The data output can be directly print out or exporting to another format to using by other software.


SURPAC is the one of the most popular geology and mining software for volume calculation, block modelling, drill hole database, grade calculation, and solid modelling. It is easy to use and has powerful 3D graphics, also usefull for geologist and surveyors as well as in mining engineering. ASCII and support data files as the input data and the output can be directly used or exporting into another format for further processing.


VENTYX MINESCAPE is a software for geological modelling and mine design. It’s used for creating geological database, drill-blast hole, and also create the open cut design and strat model. Minescape is an advance user friendly mining software and give the powerfull visualization. ORACLE used as it’s database.

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Founded in 1971 to offer services to the mining industry, PT Geoservices (Ltd) evolved into a fully integrated exploration services company. Employing more than 600 people, some of which are expert in specialized fields from a number of foreign countries, the company is offering in mapping surveys, geology, geophysics, downhole measurements, borehole drilling, laboratories analysis, and cargo superintending for quantity and quality.

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