PT GEOSERVICES (Ltd.) is a wholly independent Indonesian company which has been providing consultancy services to the Indonesian Petroleum Industry for the past 30 years. The company provides a complete consultancy services, from earliest data sourcing, field data acquisition, drilling, and economic evaluation to production.

Geoservices Consultants Group and its foreign associates can draw from over 300 people of all nationalities. Most of the field supervisors (seismic QC drilling, HSE, field engineer, etc.) have previous work experience in Indonesia and can therefore easily adjust to the local environmental. To be in service to the expatriate consultants, the company has its own full-time staff to cope with the bureaucracy of obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to work in Indonesia. In addition, Geoservices’ office in Singapore will assist in obtaining a suitable visa and permits as required by the Government.

PT GEOSERVICES (Ltd.) has worked with various well-known Consulting Companies from Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and Singapore, and from this pool of people, we are able to draw upon the most qualified technical personnel that you require for a specific job.

The company also has a pool of explorationists and professional engineers based in Indonesia and nearby areas such as Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The personnel based in Indonesia have work permits and are therefore available for immediate employment, for long term or for short term jobs. The low oil price in 1998 and early 1999, as well as the takeover of oil companies (UT by ARCO, ARCO by BP/Amoco, etc.), have resulted in a surplus of experienced explorationist and engineers in Indonesian market. From this pool of nationals, we can select the most suitable personnel to meet your requirements.

An oil company may already have somebody in mind as a consultant. In this case PT GEOSERVICES (Ltd.) can absorb the independent or free-lance consultant into our organization and provide the necessary paperwork for him to work legally in Indonesia.

Jakarta Office

Address : Jl.Minangkabau Barat No.34 Jakarta Selatan 12970
Phone : (+62 21) 830 5555, 831 8989
Fax : (+62 21) 831 1454
Email :
Contact : Peter A. Pramana, Danurdara Susetio


Address : Jl.Setiabudi 79-81, Bandung 40153
Phone : (+62 22) 203 1316, 432 306, 203 8309
Fax : (+62 22) 203 1198, 203 8090
Email :
Contact : Lily A. Samudra


Address : Scotts 28, Suite30-01; 28 Scotts Road, Singapore 228223
Phone : (+65) 673 52830
Fax : (+65) 683 52705